At my appointment yesterday I tried to sound sane when I asked, what I am sure were, some of the dumbest questions a Maternal Fetal Medicine Fellow has ever heard.  Of course, Dr. B was super nice because he’s incapable of being anything but nice. 

1) I asked about my depression and anxiety meds, do I bring them with me or do they administer them to me.  He said they give them to me – hospital policy. 

2) When’s my next ultrasound/appointment and when do I tell you I want an epidural?  He said from now on, I come every 2 weeks again, like in the beginning and he’s writing down the epidural thing.

3) Finally, I asked if I have to take the birthing/parenting classes that they require?  “No,” he told me, “you were waived out of that requirement.” 

Wait, what?  Really?  I was “waived out of” that requirement?  By who (or is it “whom?”  Nevermind)?

Apparently, at the morning rounds when I first became a MFM patient oh those long 18 weeks ago, they decided I had been traumatized enough and didn’t need to unnecessarily visit the hospital where I delivered my stillborn twins or watch a graphic video of a birth.  Dr. B said the discussion boiled down to this, “we don’t need a medicated, hormonal, red-haired pregnant woman with PTSD going bat-shit crazy in the hospital.  It’s bad for business….”

Made me a little paranoid to be talked about though…