For the last 5 years, life has been hectic and topsy-turvy.  We got married, moved to a new city, got new jobs, got pregnant, got blind-sided with the loss of the boys, got diagnosed with BT, bought a house, had multiple miscarriages, got laid off, went to marriage counseling, got a new job, got pregnant, got another new job, got doped up on antidepressants to survive the pregnancy, had a gorgeous little girl, got fired and got a new job. 

That’s a lot for two people to handle with grace and acceptance that this is the path that the universe had laid out for us but we’ve done it.

Today, on my birthday, I rejoice in quiet status quo and the knowledge that if my husband and I have survived the last 5 years together, we can survive the next 45 years together.  I’m aware that I’m one lucky bitch and I am grateful.

But I must say, I would like a couple of years of little or no drama…